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Ethical Credit Portfolio Management
Improve cashflow. Debt Portfolio Purchase
Integrating Silicon in your Credit Portfolio Management Process
Ethical Debtor Management. Why you can trust Silicon with your brand reputation

Silicon can help your business better manage your credit portfolios

Whether it is the offloading of debt portfolios to provide an all important capital injection to your business, or outsourcing of collection management we can allow you to focus on your core business whilst improving your cashflow.

All safe in the knowledge that Ethical Customer Management is at the heart of how we work, so you can be sure your brand and reputation is safe with Silicon. 


We like to be disruptive. We like to bring more to our clients and customers. We utilise technology, insight and an ethical approach to offer what we feel is the best solution. 

One of our core principles is that everything we do aligns with our ethical code and exceeds the standards expected of us by our regulatory bodies. Want to know more? Click below. 

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